A ketogenic diet recommends consumption of foods that have a high fat content and fewer carbohydrates and proteins.

It is said to have been effective in controlling diseases such as epilepsy, cancer and others. It is a very useful process which burns excessive fats in the body while supplying it with energy helping it to be stable even when one is not taking in food. The aim of a ketogenic diet is to help the body enter into a ketosis, a condition where it uses fats to produce energy rather than the common carbohydrates. This is the process it uses to control seizures in epileptic people and especially children.

ketogenic diet is a diet that is used all over the world and started to gain popularity in the 90’s.This diet recommends three quarters of fat in a diet and a quarter of a combination of proteins and carbohydrates. Most people will however wonder why the need for replacing carbohydrates with fats and lower the intake of proteins.

Fats do not have any effect on blood sugar while proteins do when a lot of it is taken.

Fifty six percent of the excessive proteins will be changed into glucose with the remaining part going to insulin. This will stop the body from burning too many fats which in turns prevents it from entering a ketosis. Food items which are well-known and have high contents of carbohydrate such as bread and potato will need to be excluded from the diet.

The diet is not however an easy one to start or get used to and your body certainly will need time to make an adjustment to several changes. We suggest you begin by reading books about ketogenic diets to enable you to gain details and information on exactly how it works and also make sure you consult your doctor if you have some doubts.

This diet is not as expensive as most people think. In actual fact, you might generally find it cheaper than any normal diet you may have tried before. Ketogenic diet will utilize up every single drop of water in your body. It is therefore highly recommended that you keep your body very well hydrated by regularly drinking a lot of water.

This particular diet is quite unpopular with some people as it is the opposite of what they believe.

It does not give a provision for fruits and vitamins which many people believe are effective in the prevention of diseases, contrary to a common saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Many doctors have very little knowledge on the body and diet and therefore have advised people that taking a lot of fats can result in conditions such as hypertension, as fat is not digestible and therefore blocks the blood vessels.

They however fail to understand that when fat is consumed together with low energy foods, it will be utilized by the body as the main source of energy and therefore there are little no chances of amassing and blocking any blood vessels. Many people who are conscious about their weight, especially women, will be hesitant in trying this diet for fear of putting on weight.

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